Uliano Lucas. Photojournalist

  • Year: 2008
  • Project manager: Marisa Galbiati, Gigi Bellavita, Elisa Bertolotti, Walter Mattana, Francesca Piredda, Lia Tagliavini

The idea to make a video dedicated to Uliano Lucas was to provide a unique opportunity to know a great personality of contemporary literature and culture. Through his photographic work it is possible to examine the social, political and cultural scene over a long period of time, from the early 1960s to today. Uliano Lucas has documented the story of our time with rigor and generosity, including major issues, such as immigration; student protests; work in factories; the wars of liberation in Africa; prisons and mental hospitals. He has also documented more intimate subjects, which are no less challenging, like motherhood; the lives of a number of artists and the atmosphere of everyday Milan.

 About seventy students, while learning the fundamentals of video making, explored the boundaries of the topics by researching archival documents, conducting interviews, and writing the stories.

In four months of intensive work, fifteen videos were produced, forming a single forty-five minute length film, showing many aspects of the life and profession of Uliano Lucas. It is a story about humanity in our time; suffering and emotions; ordinary people; and pictures of daily life, captured by Lucas’ creative vision, and revealing every nuance through rigorous photographic work.

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