Research, teaching activities and business solutions are strongly connected. Themes, reflections and tools that are developed within the research field are transferred into our teaching activities which often represents one of the main actions of the research program. Our projects are the result of a strategic and creative process which starts from a brief planned in partnership with a company or institution, in order to design communication systems and artifacts responding to precise goals and constraints.

Our group is also involved into the management of three master programs supplied by POLI.design consortium of Politenico di Milano.
Masters represent a highly professional level of continuous education into the fields of Brand Communication, Social Media Advocacy and creative communications design projects.

Master in Brand Communication (MBC)

POLI.design and ASSOCOM have launched the Brand Communication: Designing, Building, and Managing a Brand master’s program as a way to enhance the role of the communication consultant, thus establishing common ground between skills that belong to the field of communication and those that belong to the most innovative fields at the Politecnico di Milano. This master’s program strives to train professionals skilled in coordinating the communication processes that occur in communication enterprises, on strategic and creative terms, within new technological contexts.


Master in Social Network Influence Design (SNID)

Social Network Influence Design (SNID) – Marketing and Network Communication Strategies – is a first-level Politecnico di Milano master’s program.
This master’s aims to train professionals to design, coordinate, and monitor online marketing and communication strategies. The learning itinerary focuses on interaction between brands and net users, with the aim of becoming proficient in handling and leveraging the new communication potential of the web.


Master in Art Direction & Copywriting

The idea for Master in Art Direction & Copywriting is rooted in the profound changes in the system of merchandise and how marketing communication is carried out. These changes have created a crisis for traditional communication methods and brought about a new generation of integrated communication strategies. In order to prepare young people to deal with this new paradigm, this master’s program will delve into planning creative campaigns for both traditional media and new media, under the guidance of creative directors from leading Italian and overseas communication agencies.