DESIS Philosophy Talks #Storytelling & Social Innovation

  • Year: 2014
  • Project manager: Virginia Tassinari (MAD Faculty), Heather Daam (Design Academy Eindhoven), Francesca Piredda, Elisa Bertolotti

Within the design community, including both researchers and practitioners, the topic of storytelling in the realm of social innovation represents a hot debate: the DESIS Philosophy Talks ( are an initiative aimed at enhancing the dialogue between practice and theory, between design and philosophy. It dedicates a series of seminars to this topic hosted by different design schools (NCAD, Dublin; DAE, Eindhoven; Politecnico di Milano) and a publication collecting those reflections together is forthcoming. The main questions raised about making the best use of storytelling within the context of design for social innovation are: Can storytelling lead to the construction of a higher quality public domain? How can we exclude a manipulative character in the way we make use of storytelling? How can we, as designers, tell the stories from the margins of mainstream society and help its potentialities to be fully expressed? Now more than ever, we believe that communication designers have a key role in leading the linking of actions and relationships, and are able to support the audiences in the creation of new content and knowledge and in the construction of meanings through the practice of storytelling.

Brief audiovisual formats called video statements are conceived in order to support the conversation during the talks. Additional reflections on the topics and contributions are provided by colleagues and experts all over the world who are not able to be present for the actual discussion.

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