Nutrire Milano. Energies for Change

  • Year: 2010
  • Project manager: Anna Meroni, Daria Cantù, Martino Cazzaniga, Marta Corubolo, Francesca Piredda, Giulia Simeone

The research aims to support and promote a sustainable and proximal agriculture in the Milan area, through the creation of a network of services to help the supply chain, production systems and the de-intermediation of supply and demand. The scenario proposed by ‘Nutrire Milano’ (Feeding Milan) is the systematization and coordination of different activities: service ideas conceived as "seeds" planted in the ground for the creation of a more sustainable and regional food system.

 The communication strategy was conceived as a kind of open and flexible container, a communication system based on a complex format that uses a series of short audiovisual artifacts ("little stories") to support collaborative processes in the stages of listening and dialogue with users: both in the prototyping phase with stakeholders and during the presentation of the idea of a possible service to a wider audience. Five videos were designed and made. The first fourty seconds of introduction video communicate the concept of the project: the encounters between town and country, the needs of citizens from the city and from the countryside. The other four videos were the visualization of how service relates to pilot projects: Il Mercato della terra (The Earth Market), La Cassetta del Contadino (the farmer’s box), La filiera del pane (the production chain of bread), to support solidarity based purchasing groups.

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