MOHE. Mobile health for the future

  • Year: 2011
  • Project manager: Francesca Piredda, Fiammetta Costa

MOHE's goal is the development of scenarios of mobile technology use applied to health and personal care. The scenarios were developed by interdisciplinary teams composed of designers, bio-engineers and medical specialists. The process started by interviewing and conducting focus groups with four different types of user: the elderly (technologies and services to support the memory); mothers (psychological support); health-conscious adults; and children with chronic health problems. Each type was represented through a video-scenario. The four stories and four characters were related to each other: Charles is the -grandfather of Stella (12 years); Bob (a 40-year-old professional) is the husband of Nicole (the pregnant woman) and have a 3 years old son.

Propositions of future technological devices are represented in luminescent 3D form, based on actual filming of the actors. The scenes are shot in Chroma Key and the set design consists of real objects. The actions represented the solutions offered by the proposed services, while the infographics focused on the data, specifications and capabilities of the technologies.

Authors: Fiammetta Costa (responsabile) con Hyojin Nam, Giuseppe Andreoni, Pelin Arslan, Nils Faber, Marcello Fusca, Sabrina Muschiato, Paolo Perego, Maximiliano Romero.
Video-scenarios: Francesca Piredda (coordinamento) con Davide Grampa, Matteo Bonera, Gabriele Carbone, Laura Grasseni, Francesca Pasini, Corrado Crisciani. 

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