What we do

We have specialized in audiovisual language and strategy at the Politecnico di Milano School of Architecture since 1988, when we started using audiovisuals as tools for making sense of and understanding the urban environment.
We focus brand communication strategy on audiovisual language, first as a way to give value to design products and then as a complement to traditional marketing, branding, and advertising tools. Today, our group handles design-driven, integrated, transmedia strategies in terms of content, experience, and users’ relationship to context.

Imagis Lab uses an integrated system of various skills from communication design, multimedia, and interaction to deal with complex societal issues and to transform cities with a focus on sustainability and social innovation.
We consider several themes that affect the conversation among citizens, brands, and the social and cultural context, analysing them with both theoretical and applied research.

Design practice drives all our activities toward creative and strategic processes.
Devices for producing, consuming, and sharing still images and video are becoming increasingly popular and accessible. However, identifying simple and effective communication tools is of the utmost importance in order to share current innovation processes in both business and social contexts. Furthermore, there is a need to identify languages and formats that comprehend and translate complex phenomena by offering innovative and sustainable visions of the future.
Imagis seeks an original approach whose aim is to investigate and prototype storytelling as the driving force in the processes of building identity and engagement. This enables active support for community needs by reaching beyond the boundaries of five different fields: branding and communication strategies, audiovisual storytelling, transmedia practice, social media advocacy and game design.