• Year: 2008
  • Project manager: Marisa Galbiati, Francesco Galli, Stefano Govi, Walter Mattana, Andrea Terranova, Francesca Piredda
  • Partners: Unicity Spa

Students of the Communication Design Master’s Programme selected the following topics for the final workshop: travel, direct contact with local authorities, professional training, design & retail experience, advertising, television, communication and multimedia, cultural heritage, film and leisure. The brief, developed by Unicity and the teachers of the course, enabled students to encounter the whole process, from concept to production and finalization of the audiovisual content (pilots), as well as the design of the interface for accessing online formats. The teaching staff and students collaborated with Unicity in the design of ten web TV formats.

The pilots were published on an online portal and presented in May 2008 at the Web TV Conference: format, language and interactive advertising (Politecnico di Milano - Aula Carlo De Carli).  The projects were also described in the Appendix in Galbiati and Piredda’s, Design for Web TV. Theories and techniques for digital television, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2010. 

  • Youtube Video

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